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Popular Posts

Just Say No to Venture Capital

There is a constant stream of entrepreneurs that ask me to invest in their idea or ask me advice about how to raise venture capital for their business plan.  In many cases, they should just say no to venture capital. There are a lot of benefits to raising venture capital such as the ability to fund a big capital need in a company’s early stages, the ability to tap into the investor’s savvy business advice…

How to Improve the Profitability of a Conference

Q: My family has planned and managed a Christian family conference each year now for several years, but we end up losing quite a bit of money on each conference. We really feel it is of the Lord and that the conference is a blessing to many families, but it has turned into a painful financial experience for us. Do you have any advice you could offer us? A: There are two ways to improve…

How to Read an Income Statement

Q: What expenses comprise the differences between the terms “total revenue”, “operating income”, and “net income”? A: The easiest way to explain that is to walk through an Income Statement with you. Let’s use a really simple fictitious statement as the one shown below. Even though accounting is far more science than art, there are many terms for the same items and it can be confusing. For several of the main categories, I’ve shown in brackets and…


Defining Customer Segments

Q: What exactly are “customer segments”? A: Customer segmentation is the analysis of your customer base along several dimensions such as: Geography Size of the customer (the size of their organization) Type of customer Size of the customer relationship (how much they buy from you) Type of customer relationship Profitability of the customer Demographics of the customer (such as age, income, marital status and presence of children for consumer customers) Psychographics of the customer (such…

Teaching a Ten Year Old to Sell

When my son Adam was a ten year-old Cub Scout, he was handed a form to sell popcorn to raise money for his Cub Scout pack. The incentive was a modest commission and an Apple iPod Touch for the boy who sold the most in the pack of 35-odd boys. The leader announced that the goal for each boy should be to sell $600 of popcorn and then asked the boys to write down a…

The Importance of Google for Your Business

If you were ever wondering about how important search engines – and Google in particular – are to your business, check out these facts: 70% of web searches start at Google 89% of all clicks come from Google’s first search page 84% of people use the web to look for local businesses Add the behavior reality that very few Google searchers scan below the fold (the “fold” is the amount of search results that can…

Christian-Led Companies Outperform Secular Companies

A study comparing the C12 Group member companies performance against 350 secular U.S. companies from research sponsored by The Business Roundtable revealed a significant performance advantage for the average C12 company versus their non-C12 peers over a ten-year period (as seen in our analysis below). The C12 member companies outperformed the broader economic benchmarks by 3.6x on average annual Revenue growth and 2.6x on average annual Profit growth from 1995 to 2005. The reasons are simple: When you operate…